Stand and environmental data from Pinus halepensis Mill. and Pinus sylvestris L. plantations in Spain

This data set provides valuable environmental information about Pinus halepensis and Pinus sylvestris plantations in Spain. An array of 74 physical, chemical and biochemical soil (organic horizon and 10 cm topsoil), climatic, physiographic and stand variables from 32 P. halepensis and 77 variables from 35 P. sylvestris plantations are provided. Dataset access is at Associated metadata is available at

Soil physical parameters, Soil chemical parameters, Soil biochemical parameters, Climatic parameters, Physiographic parameters, Stand parameters, Site index, Forest productivity

Open-access Publication
Bueis, T., TurriĆ³n, MB. & Bravo, F. Annals of Forest Science (2019) 76: 38.

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