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15 Feb 2020

Why does Annals of Forest Science no longer accept e-only material?

The editorial procedures of Annals of Forest Science change continuously for the better (we hope!). After having put an emphasis on access to data associated to publications, we made another albeit smaller chage: we no longer accept
20 Nov 2015

Publishing data papers in Annals of Forest Science: detailed guidelines for a smooth preparation and submission

Annals of Forest Science is proud to announce that a detailed procedure is now available for submitting data papers. The procedure we propose is easy and flexible. It is described in details in the flyer above. Basically,
28 Jul 2014

The open data debate: a need for accessible and shared data in forest science

Bruno Fady and al. write about the need for accessible and shared data in forest science. Free view to the editorial below or download the pdf from the publisher website The Open Data debate: A need for