Monthly Archive:: September 2018

14 Sep 2018

An inconvenient truth about xylem resistance to embolism in the model species for refilling Laurus nobilis L.

Direct, non-invasive X-ray microtomography and optical technique observations applied in stems and leaves of intact seedlings revealed that laurel is highly resistant to drought-induced xylem embolism. Contrary to what has been brought forward, daily cycles of embolism
5 Sep 2018

Seed mass predicts migration lag of European trees

We reanalysed a dataset of tree distribution ranges in Europe to identify which plant traits best explain migration potential in woody species. Contrary to our intuition that tree longevity would best explain the ability of trees to
5 Sep 2018

Similar carbon density of natural and planted forests in the Lüliang Mountains, China

The carbon density was not different between natural and planted forests, while the biomass carbon density was greater in natural forests than in planted forests. The difference is due primarily to the larger carbon density in the