Monthly Archive:: May 2020

29 May 2020

Decreasing stand density favors resistance, resilience, and recovery of Quercus petraea trees to a severe drought, particularly on dry sites

Key message Decreasing stand density increases resistance, resilience, and recovery of Quercus petraea trees to severe drought (2003), particularly on dry sites, and the effect was independent of tree social status. Abstract Context Controlling competition is an
29 May 2020

Competitiveness and competitive advantages of chestnut timber laminated products

Key message Chestnut timber is a resource that has so far been underestimated. The production of laminated chestnut beams represents important progress; it is necessary to check its market performances and the opportunities offered from non-market characteristics.
27 May 2020

Using forest gap models and experimental data to explore long-term effects of tree diversity on the productivity of mixed planted forests

Key message In this exploratory study, we show how combining the strength of tree diversity experiment with the long-term perspective offered by forest gap models allows testing the mixture yielding behavior across a full rotation period. Our
27 May 2020

How do social status and tree architecture influence radial growth, wood density and drought response in spontaneously established oak forests?

Key message During the past decades, a multitude of oak stands have spontaneously established across the pine-dominated landscapes of the French Landes de Gascogne. Yet their future performance under modern climate change is unknown. We show that
22 May 2020

Adoption of new silvicultural methods in Mediterranean forests: the influence of educational background and sociodemographic factors on marker decisions

Key message The adoption of new silvicultural methods and approaches requires an understanding of the differences between those and “old” or “conventional” approaches, along with extensive training to break previous knowledge bias. Abstract Context Forestry is in
22 May 2020

Performances of different methods of estimating the diameter distribution based on simple stand structure variables in monospecific regular temperate European forests

Key message Using the three characteristic points of a forest stand, dg (mean quadratic diameter), dmin(diameter of the smallest tree) and dmax (diameter of the largest tree), appears informative enough to determine the parameters of the whole
22 May 2020

Nonadditive effects of decomposing mixed foliar litter on the release of several metallic elements in a Pinus massoniana Lamb. forest

Key message The mixture of decomposing litter from three predominant tree species in a Masson pine ( Pinus massoniana Lamb.) forest showed advantages in elemental cycling, and the species component identities were found to be an important
11 May 2020

Responses of resistant and susceptible hybrid clones of Eucalyptus urophylla × Eucalyptus grandis to infection by Ceratocystis fimbriata

Key message A histopathological study using one resistant and one susceptible clone of Eucalyptus urophylla × Eucalyptus grandishybrid showed that the colonization of Ceratocystis fimbriata was limited by rapid and intense host defense responses such as closure
5 May 2020

National scale variability in forest stand variables among regions of provenances in Spain

Key message An in-depth characterization of the forests of 10 dominant species by stand variables at national scale showed, that overall, stands growing in the southernmost regions of Spain display low regeneration. Otherwise, the relationships between stand