Monthly Archive:: October 2015

17 Oct 2015

Above- and belowground tree biomass models for three mangrove species in Tanzania: a nonlinear mixed effects modelling approach

Tested on data from Tanzania, both existing species-specific and common biomass models developed elsewhere revealed large prediction errors. Species-specific and common above- and belowground biomass models for three mangrove species were therefore developed. The species-specific models fitted
13 Oct 2015

A review of forest and tree plantation biomass equations in Indonesia

Unpublished academic theses contributed the largest share of the biomass equations. The availability of the biomass equations was skewed to certain regions, forest types, and species. Further research is necessary to fill the data gaps in emission
13 Oct 2015

Life after disturbance (II): the intermediate disturbance hypothesis explains genetic variation in forest gaps dominated by Virola michelii Heckel (Myristicaceae)

Genetic diversity appears to be unaffected by disturbance in a stand of the light-demanding Neotropical tree Virola michelii. Although spatial genetic structure is modified in post-disturbance cohorts, mixing of seeds from different mother trees in canopy gaps
13 Oct 2015

Seasonal variations of throughfall chemistry in pure and mixed stands of Oriental beech (Fagus orientalis Lipsky) in Hyrcanian forests (Iran)

Throughfall nutrient fluxes were generally higher in a mixed stand than in a pure stand of Oriental beech. Throughfall fluxes were higher than bulk precipitation fluxes except for nitrogen and indicate higher canopy uptake of this element