Monthly Archive:: November 2017

30 Nov 2017

Variation in pinewood nematode susceptibility among Pinus pinaster Ait. provenances from the Iberian Peninsula and France

Topical collection: Mediterranean Pines Pinus pinaster Ait. susceptibility to pinewood nematode significantly differed among provenances, and the two Atlantic provenances of the Iberian Peninsula being the most affected. However, significant provenance × environment interaction was found. Provenance
28 Nov 2017

A practical way to integrate risk in forest management decisions

Topical collection: Risk Analysis The concept of expected losses is an appropriate measure for integrating risk in the determination of the optimal rotation period and choice of tree species. Context. Natural threats are challenging forest management decisions.
28 Nov 2017

Stand-level wind damage can be assessed using diachronic photogrammetric canopy height models

Topical collection: Mensuration and modelling for forestry in a changing environment Diachronic photogrammetric canopy height models can be used to quantify at a fine scale changes in dominant height and wood volume following storms. The regular renewal
20 Nov 2017

Initial recovery of compacted soil—planting and technical treatments decrease CO2 concentrations in soil and promote root growth

The combination of technical treatments and planting of alder trees in a compacted forest soil improves the circulation of air and water through the pore system. This leads to decreases in CO2concentrations and increases in root growth
20 Nov 2017

Mixing oak and pine trees does not improve the functional response to severe drought in central French forests

Mixing sessile oak and Scots pine in central France to reduce intraspecific competition for water resources did not improve the ability of these two species to withstand severe drought during the summer. Context. In order to reduce
14 Nov 2017

Fuzzy modelling and mapping soil moisture for observed periods and climate scenarios. An alternative for dynamic modelling at the national and regional scale?

Topical collection: ICP Forests Average soil moisture was spatially modelled for observed periods and climate scenarios using a fuzzy logic approach. Accordingly, a significant decline of soil moisture until 2070 in Germany and the Kellerwald National Park