Monthly Archive:: March 2022

31 Mar 2022

Altitude is a better predictor of the habitat requirements of epixylic bryophytes and lichens than the presence of coarse woody debris in mountain forests: a study in Poland

Key message In order to preserve the continuity of epiphytic and epixylic cryptogamic flora, two things are essential: maintaining the near-natural character of a forest community in relation to the montane zonation and more sustainable forest management
31 Mar 2022

Potential of using surface temperature data to benchmark Sentinel-2-based forest phenometrics in boreal Finland

Key message We present a new approach to calibrate timings of phenological events from satellite data (e.g., Sentinel-2 MSI data) with readily available surface temperature data. The new approach improves the estimation of growing season length in
22 Mar 2022

Measuring xylem hydraulic vulnerability for long-vessel species: an improved methodology with the flow centrifugation technique

Key message Recent improvements to cavitron setup enable to measure xylem vulnerability curves for an expanded number of plant species, with longer vessels or lower hydraulic conductivity. Keywords Drought resistance; Plant hydraulic; Vulnerability curve; Cavitron; Method Publication
21 Mar 2022

Rapid publication vs. scientific quality of papers published in Annals of Forest Science: how do we handle this apparent contradiction?

by Erwin Dreyer, Chief Editor of Annals of Forest Science Nancy, March 19, 2022. 1.      Introduction Speed of publication has become a major expectation for authors and therefore a challenge for many journals. Indeed, authors expect timely