Monthly Archive:: August 2015

29 Aug 2015

Stem quality assessment in European National Forest Inventories: an opportunity for harmonised reporting?

The potential of European National Forest Inventories to harmonise stem quality estimation in European forests was identified despite considerable differences in existing national approaches. Abstract Knowledge on stem quality and assortments structure in European forests is highly
25 Aug 2015

Molecular marker associated with a deleterious recessive anomaly in Eucalyptus grandis seedlings

The identification of an anomaly with deleterious effect and Mendelian segregation (3 normal: 1 abnormal) allowed the detection of a marker linked to a locus for the anomalous phenotype. This marker could be useful in marker-assisted breeding
25 Aug 2015

Developing a dynamic growth model for maritime pine in Asturias (NW Spain): comparison with nearby regions

A dynamic growth model was developed for maritime pine in Asturias. During the evaluation process, a stand volume ratio function proved the best of two alternative methods for estimating merchantable volume. Comparison of the developed model with
25 Aug 2015

Monitoring European forests: results for science, policy, and society

Forest inventories have been carried out in Europe for centuries with the view to secure the wood supply. The first forest surveys based on probabilistic sampling design started in the early 1920s with the aim to provide
7 Aug 2015

Xylem and soil CO2 fluxes in a Quercus pyrenaica Willd. coppice: root respiration increases with clonal size

Xylem and soil CO2 fluxes in coppiced oak forests increase with clonal size, suggesting larger expenditures of energy for root respiration. An imbalance between root demand and shoot production of carbohydrates may contribute to the degradation of