Monthly Archive:: October 2022

20 Oct 2022

No matter how much space and light are available, radial growth distribution in Fagus sylvatica L. trees is under strong biomechanical control

Key message This study presents the first attempt to quantify how the thigmomorphogenetic syndrome is involved in Fagus sylvatica L. tree growth responses to thinning. An experimental design preventing mechanosensing in half of the trees demonstrated that
19 Oct 2022

Pinus pinea: a natural barrier for the insect vector of the pine wood nematode?

Key message In mixed stands of Pinus pinaster and Pinus pinea, fewer insect vectors of the pinewood nematode (PWN) were captured than in pure P. pinaster stands. This finding has practical implications for PWN disease management, including
5 Oct 2022

Combining Weibull distribution and k-nearest neighbor imputation method to predict wall-to-wall tree lists for the entire forest region of Northeast China

Key message We propose a coupled framework to combine the strengths of the Weibull function in modeling diameter distributions and the ability of the k-nearest neighbor (kNN) method to impute spatially continuous forest stand attributes for the