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6 Jan 2022

Localized neighborhood species mingling is correlated with individual tree size inequality in natural forests in South China

Key message We identified the significant spatial relationships between tree species mingling and size inequality in various species-rich natural forests in South China. Forest communities with low species mingling, or segregation of heterospecific trees, exhibited increased segregation
5 Jan 2022

Mapping tropical forest trees across large areas with lightweight cost-effective terrestrial laser scanning

Key message We used lightweight terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) to detect over 3000 stems per hectare across a 12-ha permanent forest plot in French Guiana, 81% of them < 10 cm in trunk diameter. This method retrieved 85% of
7 Dec 2021

Shrub richness is primarily driven by climate conditions in Southwestern European woodlands

Key message The shrub species richness in Spanish forests is mainly linked to climatic variables and the importance of the groups of variables scarcely differs among forest types. Forest surrounding the Mediterranean Basin exhibit the highest levels
1 Dec 2021

A generic information framework for decision-making in a forest-based bio-economy

Key message We present a methodological framework that both scientists and supply chain actors can mobilise to organise information at different scales of observation, and further make informed decisions regarding the supply and extraction of bio-molecules from
23 Nov 2021

Recognition of dominant driving factors behind sap flow of Liquidambar formosana based on back-propagation neural network method

Key message Three-layered back-propagation (BP) neural networks with architecture 4–10-1 (four neurons in the input layer, ten neurons in the hidden layer and one neuron in the output layer) performed better than MLR (multivariate linear regression) in
29 Oct 2021

Radiative transfer modeling in structurally complex stands: towards a better understanding of parametrization

Key message The best options to parametrize a radiative transfer model change according to the response variable used for fitting. To predict transmitted radiation, the turbid medium approach performs much better than the porous envelop, especially when
29 Oct 2021

White-tailed deer herbivory impacts on tree seedling and sapling abundance in the Lake States Region of the USA

Key message White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginiana Zimmermann) browsing reduces seedling and sapling abundance of more palatable winter woody browse such as Tsuga canadensis L. Carrière, Thuja occidentalis L., Betula alleghaniensis Britton, and Pinus strobus L. across the
28 Oct 2021

An intensive study plot to investigate chestnut tree reproduction

Key message Pollination is a key step for fruit production. To provide a tool for future in-depth analysis of pollination in chestnut, we describe in detail a chestnut orchard (location, genotype, phenotype and seed-set of all trees).
22 Oct 2021

Climate warming-induced replacement of mesic beech by thermophilic oak forests will reduce the carbon storage potential in aboveground biomass and soil

Key message Climate-warming related replacement of beech by oak forests in the course of natural forest succession or silvicultural decisions may considerably reduce ecosystem carbon storage of central European woodlands. Abstract Context Climate warming may change the
22 Oct 2021

Phenotypic and genotypic data of a European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) progeny trial issued from three plots along an elevation gradient in Mont Ventoux, South-Eastern France

Key message We provide phenotypic and genotypic data for a progeny trial of 5813 European beech seedlings, originating from 60 open-pollinated families collected at three altitudes (1020 m; 1140 m, 1340 m) on Mont Ventoux (44° 11′