Monthly Archive:: May 2016

23 May 2016

Within-stem maps of wood density and water content for characterization of species: a case study on three hardwood and two softwood species

Variability and interrelations between wood density, water content, and related properties were analyzed by CT scanning of five species. Relative water content of lumens is proposed as the best complement to basic specific gravity for discrimination of
23 May 2016

Potassium fertilization of Spruce stands affects the distribution of fine roots but does not change ectomycorrhizal community structure.

K fertilization of Spruce stands led to a significant increase in fine root biomass, fine root length, and root tip number in the mineral soil layer but does not affect the ecomycorrhizal community structure in the organic
14 May 2016

Comparison of methods used in European National Forest Inventories for the estimation of volume increment: towards harmonisation

The increment estimation methods of European NFIs were explored by means of 12 essential NFI features. The results indicate various differences among NFIs within the commonly acknowledged methodological frame. The perspectives for harmonisation at the European level
8 May 2016

Low intra-tree variability in resistance to embolism in four Pinaceae species

Variability of embolism resistance within individual trees was assessed in four Pinaceae species by using a single method of measurement: the Cavitron. Contrary to what has been previously observed, our findings show a small variability in embolism
8 May 2016

Using joint multivariate analyses of leaf morphology and molecular-genetic markers for taxon identification in three hybridizing European white oak species (Quercus spp.)

We show that joint multivariate analyses of leaf morphological characters and molecular-genetic markers improve the taxonomic assignment in hybridizing European white oaks. However, model-based approaches using genetic data alone represent straightforward alternatives to laborious, detailed morphological assessments.