Monthly Archive:: May 2018

16 May 2018

Adaptive measures: integrating adaptive forest management and forest landscape restoration

Topical collection: Forest Adaptation and Restoration under Global Change Adaptive Forest Management and Forest Landscape Restoration do not contradict – ecosystem integrity and health are benefits and central goals in both concepts, and thus can be integrated.
16 May 2018

Natural conifer regeneration patterns in temperate forests across the Inland Northwest, USA

Natural regeneration patterns of conifer species were studied. Seedling regeneration follows patterns responding to stand structure and site condition factors along shade and drought tolerance gradients. Our findings can assist in adaptive forest management for maintaining sustainable
16 May 2018

How does economic research contribute to the management of forest ecosystem services?

Topical collection: Current issues in forest and wood science: series of reviews More and more environmental and resource economists are taking a particular interest in research on forest ecosystem services (FES), especially in a context of climate
16 May 2018

Radial growth of Cinnamomum kanehirae Hayata displays a larger temperature sensitivity in dominant than codominant trees

The radial wood growth curves of Cinnamomum kanehirae Hayata (an endangered species of subtropical Taiwan) exhibit an S shape. The dominant trees displayed a larger radial growth than the codominant trees, and their growth was more sensitive
4 May 2018

Climate, plant organs and species control dissolved nitrogen and phosphorus in fresh litter in a subalpine forest on the eastern Tibetan Plateau

Fresh litter contains a higher concentration of dissolved phosphorus (DP) than dissolved nitrogen (DN), which implies a more efficient DN transformation or reabsorption in the subalpine forest on the eastern Tibetan Plateau. Both DN and DP concentrations