Monthly Archive:: July 2014

31 Jul 2014

Annals of Forest Science changes its scope and complies with green open access rules

Erwin DREYER, Marianne PEIFFER, Jean-Daniel BONTEMPS, Jean-Michel LEBAN Editorial board of Annals of Forest Science, Inra, F4280 Champenoux, and AgroParisTech, rue Girardet, F 54000 Nancy. The landscape for science editing in general, and particularly in the field
31 Jul 2014

Past, present, and future of forest accounting: an overview of the French experience

Alexandra NIEDZWICZ, Claire MONTAGNE-HUCK AgroParisTech, INRA, UMR356 Laboratoire d’Economie Forestière, 14, rue Girardet CS 14216, 54000, Nancy, France Abstract: This paper reminds the historical context of the development of the European framework for forest accounting and claims
30 Jul 2014

Growth and basic wood properties of black spruce along an alti-latitudinal gradient in Quebec, Canada

Sergio ROSSI, Ernest CAIRO, Cornelia KRAUSE, Annie DESLAURIERS Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, Chicoutimi, QC, G7H2B1, Canada   Key Message: Northern stands are expected to produce wood of higher quality, making these areas attractive for the forest
30 Jul 2014

Desirable properties of wood for sustainable development in the twenty-first century

Kenneth E SKOG, Theodor H WEGNER, Ted BILEK, Charles H. MICHLER USDA Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory, Madison, WI, 53726, USA;  USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station, West Lafayette, IN, 47907, USA Key message: Meeting human needs
30 Jul 2014

Impact of Annals of Forest Science

The 2013 Impact Factors have just been published by Thomson Reuters in the Journal Citation Reports. Annals of Forest Science’s IF (2-yrs) is 1.536 and (5-yrs), it is 1.834. The journal ranks 21 among 64 journals in
30 Jul 2014

Response of Swiss forests to management and climate change in the last 60 years

Meinrad KÜCHLER, Helen KÜCHLER, Angéline BEDOLLA, Thomas WOHLGEMUTH WSL Swiss Federal Research Institute, Zürcherstrasse 111, 8903, Birmensdorf, Switzerland Key Message: An analysis of plant species range shifts in Swiss forests shows that, to date, the impact of
29 Jul 2014

Checklist for Associate Editors and Reviewers

As scientists we know that reviewing papers is an important task in our scientific duty. It is an honour to be invited to review a paper for any scientific journal and the journal reputation depends on the
28 Jul 2014

The open data debate: a need for accessible and shared data in forest science

Bruno Fady and al. write about the need for accessible and shared data in forest science. Free view to the editorial below or download the pdf from the publisher website The Open Data debate: A need for
22 Jul 2014

The State of the World’s Forest Genetic Resources 2014/ L’état des ressources génétiques forestières dans le monde 2014

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations informed us that there is a need for urgent action to conserve and sustainably manage forest genetic resources. L’organisation des Nations Unies pour l’alimentation et l’agriculture nous informe