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15 Feb 2020

Why does Annals of Forest Science no longer accept e-only material?

The editorial procedures of Annals of Forest Science change continuously for the better (we hope!). After having put an emphasis on access to data associated to publications, we made another albeit smaller chage: we no longer accept
23 Aug 2019

Guidelines for reviewers: How to review a data paper?

Data papers aim at describing a dataset made available to a larger community. Data papers are a scientific valuable production and should provide all required information for a large use of the data. The data paper should
7 Jan 2017

IUFRO2017, Freiburg: Getting published in the changing science landscape

Side event in the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress, Freiburg, Germany Date and time: Monday 18 September 2017, 9:00 – 13:00 The side event is jointly organised by the IUFRO Working Party 9.01.06 “Forest Science Publishing” and IFSA/IUFRO
7 Jan 2017

Annals of Forest Science wishes you a happy new year 2017

Annals of Forest Science wishes you a happy and productive year 20176. This new year will see further innovations improve our journal and enhance the service to our authors and readers. Annals of Forest Science continued its
18 Dec 2016

Writing a constructive peer review: a young PI perspective published in the European Journal of Neurosciences

A very useful editorial published by the European Journal of Neurosciences: Since the start of the industrial revolution, communication in science has been the cornerstone for progress and education. That the scientific community itself safeguards these communications
25 Oct 2016

Evaluating traditional peer-review processes and their alternatives: An opinionated discussion

By Aaron Weiskittel, University of Maine, School of Forest Resources, Orono, Maine, USA Associate Editor with Annals of Forest Science (and a few other journals). Abstract The advancement of science requires the timely and effective communication of
7 Sep 2016

Celebrating 50 years of Annals of Forest Science – free access to the Special Issue till Septembre 30

Annals of Forest Science is proud to present a series of review papers published in a special issue to celebrate its 50th anniversary. These papers were written by prominent scientists in the fields of tree biology, forest
15 Aug 2016

Annals of Forest Science will be published under a Continuous Article Publication procedure from 2017 on.

This may well be seen as a minor move in the editorial policy of Annals of Forest Science, but may nevertheless be of importance for our authors and readers. Starting from beginning 2017, Springer-Nature will use a
15 Aug 2016

Annals of Forest Science contributes to the development of open science and open data

Erwin DREYER Inra, Centre de Nancy Lorraine, Chief Editor of Annals of Forest Science; dreyer(at) Open science, a long discussed option for enhancing the impact of scientific research for the scientific community, but also for the
20 Feb 2016

Editorial: 50 years Annals of Forest Science

Annals of Forest Science is publishing a series of review papers to celebrate 50 years of activities as a journal in forest and wood science. The reviews emphasize the extent to which forest and wood sciences changed and