Monthly Archive:: June 2016

18 Jun 2016

Overview of methods and tools for evaluating future woody biomass availability in European countries

This analysis of the tools and methods currently in use for reporting woody biomass availability in 21 European countries has shown that most countries use, or are developing, National Forest Inventory-oriented models whereas the others use standwise
18 Jun 2016

Biomass allocation patterns and allometric relationships between components of the androdioecious Acer tegmentosum

We present comparisons about biomass allocation between males and hermaphrodites of androdioecious Acer tegmentosum Maxim. Different biomass allocation patterns were found, and males were shown to have a larger investment into coarse roots and foliage. Abstract Sexual
18 Jun 2016

Liocourt’s law for tree diameter distribution in forest stands

Liocourt’s legacy for the law on steady-state uneven-aged forests has been questioned. We propose a new interpretation of his results published in 1898 and refer to a manuscript dated 1900 to clarify that he established this law.
13 Jun 2016

Annual volume increment of the European forests—description and evaluation of the national methods used

In order to obtain the necessary information for decision making etc., it is of increasing importance to be able to assess increment in a reliable way. Only repeated measurements on permanent sample plots in national forest inventories
13 Jun 2016

Estimates of stem wood increments in forest resources: comparison of different approaches in forest inventory & consequences for international reporting

Quality and reliability of forest resource assessments depend on the ability of national forest inventories (NFIs) to supply necessary and high-quality data. Over the last decades and especially since the 1990s, the NFIs in European countries have
12 Jun 2016

Testing the applicability of BIOME-BGC to simulate beech gross primary production in Europe using a new continental weather dataset

A daily 1-km Pan-European weather dataset can drive the BIOME-BGC model for the estimation of current and future beech gross primary production (GPP). Annual beech GPP is affected primarily by spring temperature and more irregularly by summer
11 Jun 2016

How do consumers express their appreciation of wood surfaces? Norway spruce floors in Germany as an example

A variety of visually different floor samples are presented online to consumers. Based on their individual verbal judgements of appreciation for visual surface characteristics, four distinct groups of floor surfaces were identified. This allows directing design and
8 Jun 2016

Increased water use efficiency does not prevent growth decline of Pinus canariensis in a semi-arid treeline ecotone in Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain)

Intrinsic water use efficiency of Pinus canariensis (Sweet ex Spreng.) growing at a semi-arid treeline has increased during the past 37 years. Tree ring width by contrast has declined, likely caused by reduced stomatal conductance due to increasing
8 Jun 2016

Integrated and systemic management of storm damage by the forest-based sector and public authorities

Integrated and systemic management of wind damage risk can help to address decision-making requirements, mitigate economic impacts of storms, and improve collective well-being of the forest sector. In this context, public authorities should actively act to enable
1 Jun 2016

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR The impact of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) pesticide policy on the management of leaf-cutting ants and termites in certified forests in Brazil José C. Zanuncio, Pedro G. Lemes, Luciana R. Antunes… Pages