Monthly Archive:: June 2018

26 Jun 2018

Genetic diversity and genotypic stability in Prunus avium L. at the northern parts of species distribution range

Large genetic variation was found in Prunus avium L. populations from the northern parts of the species distribution range. The ranking of genotypes in terms of growth was stable when tested at three trial sites within the
25 Jun 2018

Optimizing the debarking and cutting schedule of cork oak stands

Optimal management of cork oak forest stands was analyzed for different site indices and cork growth rates. Optimal debarking intervals varied during the rotation and were sometimes shorter or longer than the officially recommended range of 9–14
25 Jun 2018

Additive tree biomass equations for Betula platyphylla Suk. plantations in Northeast China

A new system of additive tree biomass equations was developed for juvenile white birch plantations based on tree diameter at breast height (DBH) and tree height (HT). Compared with previous equations developed for natural white birch forests,
25 Jun 2018

Comparison of the nutrient resorption stoichiometry of Quercus variabilis Blume growing in two sites contrasting in soil phosphorus content

Foliar phosphorus (P) resorption in Quercus variabilis Blume was significantly lower at a P-rich than at a P-deficient site. Moreover, P resorption strongly decreased, and nitrogen:phosphorus and carbon:phosphorus resorption ratios increased with soil P content. This demonstrates
22 Jun 2018

Seedling density dependence regulated by population density and habitat filtering: Evidence from a mixed primary broad-leaved Korean pine forest in Northeastern China

The effects of distance dependence, negative density dependence (NDD), phylogenetic density dependence, and habitat filtering were integrated to provide additional evidence in temperate forest tree seedling survival. The main focus of this study was to explore how
22 Jun 2018

Within- and between-tree variation of wood density components in Pinus nigra at six sites in Portugal

In Europe, Pinus nigra wood presents a density pattern of longitudinal variation with an increase from east to west. However, no latitudinal tendencies were detected. Compared to other Portuguese resinous species, P. nigra revealed higher density, identical
22 Jun 2018

Live fuel moisture content (LFMC) time series for multiple sites and species in the French Mediterranean area since 1996

We present a dataset of weekly live fuel moisture content (LFMC) time series over the summer season for 584 sites × years for several woody species in the French Mediterranean area. This database can be used to
22 Jun 2018

Static site indices from different national forest inventories: harmonization and prediction from site conditions

Topical collection: Environmental data for the German NFI Static site indices determined from stands’ top height are derived from different forest inventory sources with height and age information and thus enable comparisons and modeling of a species’