Monthly Archive:: April 2023

25 Apr 2023

Determination of optimal tree height models and calibration designs for Araucaria araucana and Nothofagus pumilio in mixed stands affected to different levels by anthropogenic disturbance in South-Central Chile

Key message Here, we present a workflow for determining the optimal tree height model and calibration design for forests affected to varying degrees by anthropogenic disturbance. For mixed Araucaria–Nothofagus forests, tree height predictions in newly surveyed stands
11 Apr 2023

Effectiveness of the spectral area index created by three algorithms for tree species recognition

Key message Tree species identification analysis of the two images (Luoyang and Hohhot of China) shows that the polygonal area indices extracted by the specific band-constrained polygon relative area (algorithm 3, obtained accuracy was ~ 13% higher
4 Apr 2023

Forest age and topographic position jointly shape the species richness and composition of vascular plants in karstic habitats

Key message Dolines may provide important safe havens for many plant species and play a key role in maintaining biodiversity. The combined effects of forest age and topographic position influence the biodiversity patterns of these unique habitats.