Monthly Archive:: July 2016

14 Jul 2016

Modelling the effects of wood cambial age on the effective modulus of elasticity of poplar laminated veneer lumber

A modelling method is proposed to highlight the effect of cambial age on the effective modulus of elasticity of laminated veneer lumber (LVL) according to bending direction and veneer thickness. This approach is relevant for industrial purposes
3 Jul 2016

Modeling size-density trajectories for even-aged beech (Fagus silvatica L.) stands in France

We studied the size-density trajectories of pure even-aged unthinned beech stands in the ranges of 625–40,000 trees per hectare initial densities and of 12–33 years of age. A new piecewise polynomial function family was fitted to the trajectories,
3 Jul 2016

An economic comparison of risk handling measures against Hylobius abietis and Heterobasidion annosum in the Landes de Gascogne Forest

Phytosanitary risks are an increasing threat for forests, particularly due to climate change. Risk handling measures are effective economic strategies to manage such risks, so that Economics may provide a relevant methodology to address this new challenge.