Open Access Archive

5 Jan 2022

Methods for separating orchards from forest using airborne LiDAR

Key message The aim of the study was to distinguish orchards from other lands with forest vegetation based on the data from airborne laser scanning. The methods based on granulometry provided better results than the pattern analysis.
7 Dec 2021

Shrub richness is primarily driven by climate conditions in Southwestern European woodlands

Key message The shrub species richness in Spanish forests is mainly linked to climatic variables and the importance of the groups of variables scarcely differs among forest types. Forest surrounding the Mediterranean Basin exhibit the highest levels
19 Nov 2021

Molecular control to salt tolerance mechanisms of woody plants: recent achievements and perspectives

Key message Woody plants have salt-tolerant mechanisms similar to those developed by non-woody plants. Among others, compartmentalization of ions, production of compatible solutes, synthesis of specific proteins and metabolites, and induction of transcriptional factors are the most
16 Nov 2021

New appetite for the monitoring of European forests

Key message Future international forest monitoring should build upon the existing pan-European programs. Abstract There is a renewed interest in the monitoring of European forests. Future monitoring systems should build upon existing international programs, making use of
28 Oct 2021

An intensive study plot to investigate chestnut tree reproduction

Key message Pollination is a key step for fruit production. To provide a tool for future in-depth analysis of pollination in chestnut, we describe in detail a chestnut orchard (location, genotype, phenotype and seed-set of all trees).
22 Oct 2021

Climate warming-induced replacement of mesic beech by thermophilic oak forests will reduce the carbon storage potential in aboveground biomass and soil

Key message Climate-warming related replacement of beech by oak forests in the course of natural forest succession or silvicultural decisions may considerably reduce ecosystem carbon storage of central European woodlands. Abstract Context Climate warming may change the
22 Oct 2021

Phenotypic and genotypic data of a European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) progeny trial issued from three plots along an elevation gradient in Mont Ventoux, South-Eastern France

Key message We provide phenotypic and genotypic data for a progeny trial of 5813 European beech seedlings, originating from 60 open-pollinated families collected at three altitudes (1020 m; 1140 m, 1340 m) on Mont Ventoux (44° 11′
8 Oct 2021

Is vulnerability segmentation at the leaf-stem transition a drought resistance mechanism? A theoretical test with a trait-based model for Neotropical canopy tree species

Key message Leaf-stem vulnerability segmentation predicts lower xylem embolism resistance in leaves than stem. However, although it has been intensively investigated these past decades, the extent to which vulnerability segmentation promotes drought resistance is not well understood.
17 Sep 2021

Estimation of breast height diameter and trunk curvature with linear and single-photon LiDARs

Key message New technologies can take us towards real precision forestry: the terrestrial single-photon avalanche diode (SPAD) light detection and ranging (LiDAR) has a great potential to outperform conventional linear mode LiDARs in measuring tree parameters at
15 Sep 2021

Modeling the forest dynamics of the Sierra Nevada under climate change using SORTIE-ND

Key message Model simulation results suggest that forests in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California will tend to increase in density and basal area in the absence of fire over the next century, and that climate change