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26 Jun 2017

Volume 74, Issue 2, June 2017 is available

REVIEW PAPERS Adopting robust decision-making to forest management under climate change Topical collection :Risk Analysis Naomi Radke, Rasoul Yousefpour, Roderich von Detten, Stefan Reifenberg, Marc Hanewinkel  » Abstract A critical analysis of methods for rapid and nondestructive
14 Jun 2017

Paulo Fernandes joins Annals of Forest Science as a new Associate Editor

Paulo Fernandes holds a PhD in Forest Sciences (2003) and is Associate Professor (since 2013) at the Forest Sciences and Landscape Architecture Department of the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD) in Vila Real, Portugal, and researcher at
4 Jun 2017

A non-stochastic portfolio model for optimizing the transformation of an even-aged forest stand to continuous cover forestry when information about return fluctuation is incomplete

Non-stochastic portfolio optimization of forest stands provides a good alternative to stochastic mean-variance optimization when available statistical data is incomplete. The suggested approach has a theoretical background in the areas of robust optimization, continuous multicriteria decision-making, and
4 Jun 2017

Xylem traits in European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) display a large plasticity in response to canopy release

The position of trees in the canopy impacts xylem structure and its inter-annual variation. After canopy release, the increase in the hydraulic conductivity of growth rings was driven by an increase in radial growth in large trees,