Monthly Archive:: January 2022

7 Jan 2022

Modelling bark volume for six commercially important tree species in France: assessment of models and application at regional scale

Key message A set of models of bark thickness at breast height and bark volume are now available for six species in France. A common model suitable for predicting bark volume was proposed for all species. A
6 Jan 2022

Localized neighborhood species mingling is correlated with individual tree size inequality in natural forests in South China

Key message We identified the significant spatial relationships between tree species mingling and size inequality in various species-rich natural forests in South China. Forest communities with low species mingling, or segregation of heterospecific trees, exhibited increased segregation
5 Jan 2022

Mapping tropical forest trees across large areas with lightweight cost-effective terrestrial laser scanning

Key message We used lightweight terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) to detect over 3000 stems per hectare across a 12-ha permanent forest plot in French Guiana, 81% of them < 10 cm in trunk diameter. This method retrieved 85% of
5 Jan 2022

Methods for separating orchards from forest using airborne LiDAR

Key message The aim of the study was to distinguish orchards from other lands with forest vegetation based on the data from airborne laser scanning. The methods based on granulometry provided better results than the pattern analysis.