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12 Jul 2018

The Carbon Budget Model of the Canadian Forest Sector (CBM-CFS3): customization of the Archive Index Database for European Union countries

The purpose of this report is to increase the transparency of applications of the CBM-CFS3 model by climate-related policy-makers and researchers. The report provides explicit information on the parametrization of a new Archive Index Database used with
18 Oct 2017

A long-term tree-ring chronology over 796 years for silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) in Southern France

This paper presents ring width data of silver fir trees (Abies alba Mill.) from buildings and living trees from 1214 to 2009 in southeastern France. A 796-year chronology spanning the period 1214–2009 has been built. Data can
20 Nov 2015

Publishing data papers in Annals of Forest Science: detailed guidelines for a smooth preparation and submission

Annals of Forest Science is proud to announce that a detailed procedure is now available for submitting data papers. The procedure we propose is easy and flexible. It is described in details in the flyer above. Basically,
6 Aug 2014

Guidelines for preparing and reviewing data papers

Before submitting a data paper, authors are advised to contact the managing editor, Marianne PEIFFER (email address:, who will handle the manuscript during the whole submission and review process. Marianne will provide any help you need