Monthly Archive:: July 2020

31 Jul 2020

Harmonising, improving and using social and recreational data in National Forest Inventories across Europe

Key message National Forest Inventories (NFIs) hold promise for monitoring and valuing of non-productive forest functions, including social and recreational services. European countries use a range of methods to collect social and recreational information within their NFI
30 Jul 2020

Sample strategies for bias correction of regional LiDAR-assisted forest inventory Estimates on small woodlots

Key message This study presents an easy-to-apply variable probability sample design that is an efficient and cost-effective method to correct for local bias in regional LiDAR-assisted forest inventory estimates. This design is especially useful for small woodlot
30 Jul 2020

Two main genetic clusters with high admixture between forest and cultivated chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) in France

Key message A moderate genetic diversity, the absence of a significant genetic differentiation between wild and cultivated stands and a highly admixed genetic structure of sweet chestnut with two main clusters were observed in France using two
23 Jul 2020

The flexural lumber properties of Pinus patula Schiede ex Schltdl. & Cham. improve with decreasing initial tree spacing

Key message An increase in the stiffness of lumber with a decrease in initial tree spacing was confirmed for Pinus patula Schiede ex Schltdl. & Cham. The underlying properties of microfibril angle, wood density and knot frequency
23 Jul 2020

Physical, chemical and mechanical wood properties of Pinus nigra growing in Portugal

Key message The wood of Pinus nigra populations planted in Portugal, comparatively to Pinus pinaster , has higher total extractive content, lower Klason lignin and H/G ratio, and similar mechanical properties, presenting advantages for industrial purposes. Abstract
21 Jul 2020

Seedling development and regeneration success after 10 years following group selection harvesting in a sessile oak (Quercus petraea [Mattuschka] Liebl.) stand

Key message This study showed that regeneration success (presence of oaks ≥ 150 cm in total height) in artificial canopy openings of a mature mixed sessile oak stand was mainly driven by initial oak seedling density. Abstract
15 Jul 2020

CO2 fertilization, transpiration deficit and vegetation period drive the response of mixed broadleaved forests to a changing climate in Wallonia

Key message The change in forest productivity was simulated in six stands in Wallonia (Belgium) following different climate scenarios using a process-based and spatially explicit tree growth model. Simulations revealed a strong and positive impact of the
9 Jul 2020

Long-term effect of fertilization on stone pine growth and cone production

Key message Fertilization is a feasible management technique for Pinus pinea L. cropping, with increased cone production up to 9 years after the application and superior trunk diameter growth every year. Fertilization effects on cone size-weight indicate
9 Jul 2020

Ultrasound computed tomography on standing trees: accounting for wood anisotropy permits a more accurate detection of defects

Key message Considering anisotropy in image reconstruction algorithm for ultrasound computed tomography of trees resulted in a more accurate detection of defects compared to common approaches used. Abstract Context Ultrasound computed tomography is a suitable tool for
9 Jul 2020

Carbon stocks, partitioning, and wood composition in short-rotation forestry system under reduced planting spacing

Key message The use of reduced planting spacings is an important strategy to increase the carbon storage in the above-belowground biomass and should be recommended for future exploitation of forest energy plantations when the purpose intended is