Monthly Archive:: July 2022

25 Jul 2022

Impacts of harvesting methods on nutrient removal in Dutch forests exposed to high-nitrogen deposition

Key message Nutrient concentrations in tree compartments were assessed for seven major tree species in the Netherlands. Concentrations of phosphorus, calcium, potassium and magnesium (base cations) in stems and branches are mostly lower compared to those in
25 Jul 2022

A dataset of Neotropical liana research focusing on the strategies of control for forest restoration and management practices

Key message Forest fragmentation leads to a micro-environmental condition that favors the proliferation of liana, which infest trees, compete with them, and reduce their performance. To report the state of the art of the main actions to
13 Jul 2022

Potentials and limitations of NFIs and remote sensing in the assessment of harvest rates: a reply to Breidenbach et al.

Key message The timely and accurate monitoring of forest resources is becoming of increasing importance in light of the multi-functionality of these ecosystems and their increasing vulnerability to climate change. Remote sensing observations of tree cover and
11 Jul 2022

Choosing the best seeds to help sessile oaks (Quercus petreae Matt. Liebl.) adapt to future climates

PRESS RELEASE – Forest planting may contribute to mitigate climate change. The origin of seeds is crucial to optimise the success of tree planting and the adaptation of forests to future climates. INRAE and ONF (French Forest