Monthly Archive:: June 2015

28 Jun 2015

Exceedance of critical loads and of critical limits impacts tree nutrition across Europe

Exceedance of critical limits in soil solutions was more frequent in intensively monitored forest plots across Europe that already display exceeded critical loads for acidity and eutrophication,  compared to the other plots from the same network. Increased
28 Jun 2015

Chilling temperature and photoperiod influence the timing of bud burst in juvenile Betula pubescens and Populus tremula trees

This research demonstrates that inadequate chilling has the potential to slow both the rate and speed of bud burst of two important European forest species: Betula pubescens and Populus tremula. Abstract The timing of bud burst in
10 Jun 2015

“50 years Annals of Forest Science”: Forest tree genomics: 10 achievements from the past 10 years and future prospects

This review highlights some of the discoveries and applications made possible by “omics” technologies over the last 10 years and provides perspectives for pioneering research to increase our understanding of tree biology. Abstract: A decade after the first