Data paper Archive

8 Aug 2019

Multi-temporal dataset of stand and canopy structural data in temperate and Mediterranean coppice forests

We provided long-term stand and canopy structural data from permanent monitoring plots representative of some most diffuse temperate and Mediterranean forests, under different coppice management regimes. Periodic inventories were performed in the surveyed plots since the 1970s.
7 Aug 2019

Harmonised projections of future forest resources in Europe

A dataset of forest resource projections in 23 European countries to 2040 has been prepared for forest-related policy analysis and decision-making. Due to applying harmonised definitions, while maintaining country-specific forestry practices, the projections should be usable from
2 Aug 2019

Geographic variation of tree height of three pine species (Pinus nigra Arn., P. pinaster Aiton, and P. pinea L.) gathered from common gardens in Europe and North-Africa

This datapaper collects individual georeferenced tree height data from Pinus nigra Arn., P. pinaster Aiton, and P. pinea L. planted in common gardens in France, Germany, Morocco, and Spain. The data can be used to assess genetic
23 Jul 2019

A dataset of forest volume deadwood estimates for Europe

ICP-Forests relies on a representative pan-European network based on a 16 × 16 km grid-net covering around 6,000 plots. Dead wood volumes for 3,243 plots, related to 19 European Countries, are presented in this data paper as
9 Jul 2019

Maps of current semi-natural forest ecosystem types of Germany and the Kellerwald National Park (Hesse, Germany)

A spatial explicit approach coping with potential modifications in ecological structures and functions of forests due to climate change and atmospheric deposition was developed for Germany (Jenssen et al. 2013; Schröder et al. in Sci Total Environ
24 Apr 2019

NFIWADS: the water budget, soil moisture, and drought stress indicator database for the German National Forest Inventory (NFI)

The NFIWADS database contains aggregated results for the German National Forest Inventory (NFI) plots based on process-based water balance simulations. More than 150 water budget, soil moisture, and drought stress indicators were derived for mature, closed-canopy beech
23 Apr 2019

Stand and environmental data from Pinus halepensis Mill. and Pinus sylvestris L. plantations in Spain

This data set provides valuable environmental information about Pinus halepensis and Pinus sylvestris plantations in Spain. An array of 74 physical, chemical and biochemical soil (organic horizon and 10 cm topsoil), climatic, physiographic and stand variables from
21 Feb 2019

Temporal and spatial high-resolution climate data from 1961 to 2100 for the German National Forest Inventory (NFI)

The “NFI 2012 environmental data base climate” is part of the environmental database of the German National Forest Inventory. It contains climate information for 26,450 inventory points generated from gridded daily climate data for 1961–2100 at a
12 Jul 2018

The Carbon Budget Model of the Canadian Forest Sector (CBM-CFS3): customization of the Archive Index Database for European Union countries

The purpose of this report is to increase the transparency of applications of the CBM-CFS3 model by climate-related policy-makers and researchers. The report provides explicit information on the parametrization of a new Archive Index Database used with
22 Jun 2018

Live fuel moisture content (LFMC) time series for multiple sites and species in the French Mediterranean area since 1996

We present a dataset of weekly live fuel moisture content (LFMC) time series over the summer season for 584 sites × years for several woody species in the French Mediterranean area. This database can be used to