Data paper Archive

28 Oct 2021

An intensive study plot to investigate chestnut tree reproduction

Key message Pollination is a key step for fruit production. To provide a tool for future in-depth analysis of pollination in chestnut, we describe in detail a chestnut orchard (location, genotype, phenotype and seed-set of all trees).
22 Oct 2021

Phenotypic and genotypic data of a European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) progeny trial issued from three plots along an elevation gradient in Mont Ventoux, South-Eastern France

Key message We provide phenotypic and genotypic data for a progeny trial of 5813 European beech seedlings, originating from 60 open-pollinated families collected at three altitudes (1020 m; 1140 m, 1340 m) on Mont Ventoux (44° 11′
22 Apr 2021

Live fuel moisture content time series in Catalonia since 1998

Key message We present a structured and curated database covering 21 years of LFMC measurements in the Catalan region, along with an associated R package to manage updates and facilitate quality processing and visualisation. The data set
21 Apr 2021

A genomic dataset of single‐nucleotide polymorphisms generated by ddRAD tag sequencing in Q. petraea (Matt.) Liebl. populations from Central-Eastern Europe and Balkan Peninsula

Key message This genomic dataset provides highly variable SNP markers from georeferenced natural Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl. populations collected in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo* and Albania. These SNP loci can be used to
26 Mar 2021

Characterization of mixed and monospecific stands of Scots pine and Maritime pine: soil profile, physiography, climate and vegetation cover data

Key message This document provides valuable environmental information about a triplets’ essay of Scots pine and Maritime pine in Spain. The dataset characterizes the soil profile (physicochemical parameters of organic and mineral horizons), climate, physiography, understory and
24 Mar 2021

Provisioning forest and conservation science with high-resolution maps of potential distribution of major European tree species under climate change

Key message We developed a dataset of the potential distribution of seven ecologically and economically important tree species of Europe in terms of their climatic suitability with an ensemble approach while accounting for uncertainty due to model
8 Aug 2019

Multi-temporal dataset of stand and canopy structural data in temperate and Mediterranean coppice forests

We provided long-term stand and canopy structural data from permanent monitoring plots representative of some most diffuse temperate and Mediterranean forests, under different coppice management regimes. Periodic inventories were performed in the surveyed plots since the 1970s.
7 Aug 2019

Harmonised projections of future forest resources in Europe

A dataset of forest resource projections in 23 European countries to 2040 has been prepared for forest-related policy analysis and decision-making. Due to applying harmonised definitions, while maintaining country-specific forestry practices, the projections should be usable from
2 Aug 2019

Geographic variation of tree height of three pine species (Pinus nigra Arn., P. pinaster Aiton, and P. pinea L.) gathered from common gardens in Europe and North-Africa

This datapaper collects individual georeferenced tree height data from Pinus nigra Arn., P. pinaster Aiton, and P. pinea L. planted in common gardens in France, Germany, Morocco, and Spain. The data can be used to assess genetic
23 Jul 2019

A dataset of forest volume deadwood estimates for Europe

ICP-Forests relies on a representative pan-European network based on a 16 × 16 km grid-net covering around 6,000 plots. Dead wood volumes for 3,243 plots, related to 19 European Countries, are presented in this data paper as