Monthly Archive:: April 2020

23 Apr 2020

Changes in forest landscape patterns resulting from recent afforestation in Europe (1990–2012): defragmentation of pre-existing forest versus new patch proliferation

Key message Recent afforestation in Europe might involve deep changes on landscape composition and configuration. We show that afforestation promotes defragmentation of pre-existing forests and new patch proliferation, in forest-dominated and non-forest-dominated landscapes respectively, while it is
21 Apr 2020

Predicting rut depth induced by an 8-wheeled forwarder in fine-grained boreal forest soils

Abstract Key message Rut depth in fine-grained boreal soils induced by an 8-wheeled forwarder is best predicted with soil moisture content, cumulative mass of machine passes, bulk density and thickness of the humus layer. Context Forest machines
17 Apr 2020

Predicting current and future suitable habitat and productivity for Atlantic populations of maritime pine (Pinus pinaster Aiton) in Spain

Abstract Key message By combining inventory data and spatially-continuous environmental information, we were able to develop models for Atlantic populations of maritime pine (Pinus pinaster Aiton) in Spain in order to predict suitable habitat and site index
16 Apr 2020

Monitoring clearcutting and subsequent rapid recovery in Mediterranean coppice forests with Landsat time series

Abstract Key message This work analyses the rate of recovery of the spectral signal from clearcut areas of coppice Mediterranean forests using Landsat Time Series (LTS). The analysis revealed a more rapid rate of spectral signal recovery
15 Apr 2020

Effects of environmental factors and forest management on landscape-scale forest storm damage in Turkey

Abstract Key message Windstorms have recently caused noteworthy destruction across the Northern forests of Turkey. The intensive forest management practices applied for more than 60+ years may unknowingly have resulted in wind-sensitive forests in the region. After a
2 Apr 2020

Density and diameter distributions of saplings in naturally regenerated and planted coniferous stands in Québec after various approaches of commercial thinning

Abstract Key Message A model describing species composition, density and diameter distribution of saplings was developed from operational inventory data. It could be used as an input into growth models calibrated exclusively with merchantable trees to correct
2 Apr 2020

Lack of vulnerability segmentation in four angiosperm tree species: evidence from direct X-ray microtomography observation

Abstract Key message Xylem vulnerability to drought-induced embolism did not differ between stems and petioles of four woody species (Betula pendula, Liriodendron tulipifera, Populus tremula and Olea europaea). Our results, together with data compiled from published literature,
2 Apr 2020

Lack of effect of admixture proportion and tree density on water acquisition depth for European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) and sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus L.)

Abstract Key message In a mixed, Fagus sylvatica L.- Acer pseudoplatanus L., young plantation, trees of both species absorbed water from superficial soil layers despite the presence of roots and water in deeper layers. Admixture proportion and