Geographic variation of tree height of three pine species (Pinus nigra Arn., P. pinaster Aiton, and P. pinea L.) gathered from common gardens in Europe and North-Africa

The three networks of common gardens are represented in a separate map. Red triangles represent common gardens, light-blue circles represent genetic units, and yellow areas represent the natural distribution of the species according to EUFORGEN source ( Top left Pinus nigra, top right Pinus pinaster, bottom left Pinus pinea

This datapaper collects individual georeferenced tree height data from Pinus nigra Arn., P. pinaster Aiton, and P. pinea L. planted in common gardens in France, Germany, Morocco, and Spain. The data can be used to assess genetic variation and phenotypic plasticity with further applications in biogeography and forest management. The three datasets are available at (Vizcaíno-Palomar et al. 2018a), (Vizcaíno-Palomar et al. 2018b), and (Vizcaíno-Palomar et al. 2018c), and the associated metadata are available at, and for P. nigra, P. pinaster and P. pinea, respectively.

Adaptation, Assisted migration, Genetic variation, Niche breadth, Phenotypic plasticity, Tree height

Vizcaíno-Palomar, N., Garzón, M.B., Alia, R. et al. Annals of Forest Science (2019) 76: 77.

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