“50 years of Annals of Forest Science”: A series of sponsored review papers published during 2015.

Petit-image-AFSAnnals of Forest Science is publishing a series of review papers to celebrate 50 years of activities as a major journal in forest and wood science.

Annals of Forest Science was launched during 1964 as “Annales des Sciences Forestières”, as a french journal devoted to research in forestry, tree breeding, silviculture, wood quality and other issues important to forest management. The journal was mostly in french up to the 90s, when it started to publish some papers in english (and in particular some special issues on Tree Physiology and on Oak genetics and ecology). At the end of the 90s, the journal switched massively to english and the title changed to the current “Annals of Forest Science”.  Annals of Forest Science therefore is among the oldest journals in forest science, and benefits a solid experience in the field.

The journal was launched at a moment of significant changes in the organisation of forest research in France. Indeed, during 1964, Inra (The National Institute for Research in Agronomy) opened a new research department devoted to forests and their products. The departement was active at Nancy  (it stemmed from the Ecole Nationale du Génie Rural et des Eaux et Forêts), but later on launched research groups at Bordeaux, Orléans, Avignon, Montpellier and Kourou…. Further information may be found on the web site devoted to the 50th birthday of this research department (http://www.efpa.inra.fr/Evenements/50-ans).

To  celebrate this event and this long lasting history, we decided to publish a series of sponsored review papers and invited a number of prominent scientists in the fields of tree biology, forest ecology and forest products including goods and services, to provide their personal view on the developments of their research area. The general aim of the series is to emphasize the huge changes undergone if forest research.

Numerous colleagues joined this initiative. We will publish the reviews in the forthcoming issues of Annals of Forest Science starting with the next issues of the journal. The publication should span over the 2015 issues and possibly even longer!

The first reviews are already available as online first papers:

Thibaut B, Denaud L, Collet R, Marchal R, Beauchêne J, Mothe F, Méausoone P-J, Martin P, Larricq P, Eyma F 2015. Wood machining with a focus on French research in the last 50 years. Ann. For. Sci.: 1-22. 10.1007/s13595-015-0460-2.

Pizzi A 2015. Wood products and green chemistry. Ann. For. Sci.: 1-19. 10.1007/s13595-014-0448-3.

Jacquot J-P, Couturier J, Didierjean C, Gelhaye E, Morel-Rouhier M, Hecker A, Plomion C, Gütle D, Rouhier N 2014. Structural and functional characterization of tree proteins involved in redox regulation: a new frontier in forest science. Ann. For. Sci.: 1-16. 10.1007/s13595-014-0442-9.

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