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11 Jul 2022

Choosing the best seeds to help sessile oaks (Quercus petreae Matt. Liebl.) adapt to future climates

PRESS RELEASE – Forest planting may contribute to mitigate climate change. The origin of seeds is crucial to optimise the success of tree planting and the adaptation of forests to future climates. INRAE and ONF (French Forest
16 Feb 2020

Highlighted paper of 2019 : C. Ziegler et al., “Large hydraulic safety margins protect Neotropical canopy rainforest tree species against hydraulic failure during drought”

C. Ziegler et al., “Large hydraulic safety margins protect Neotropical canopy rainforest tree species against hydraulic failure during drought” Tropical rainforests are under the thread of more frequent drought episodes, that may in places induce tree dieback.
15 Feb 2020

Why does Annals of Forest Science no longer accept e-only material?

The editorial procedures of Annals of Forest Science change continuously for the better (we hope!). After having put an emphasis on access to data associated to publications, we made another albeit smaller chage: we no longer accept
17 Dec 2019

Wood formation and tree adaptation to climate

This special issue of Annals of Forest Science compiles ten papers on “Wood formation and tree adaptation to climate”, which were presented at “Le Studium” International Conference in May 2018 in Orléans (France). These papers present observational,
16 May 2019

Opportunities and challenges for an Indonesian forest monitoring network

Permanent sampling plots (PSPs) are a powerful and reliable methodology to help our understanding of the diversity and dynamics of tropical forests. Based on the current inventory of PSPs in Indonesia, there is high potential to establish
10 May 2019

Implementing forest landscape restoration under the Bonn Challenge: a systematic approach

There is no one-size-fits-all way to successfully implement forest landscape restoration (FLR). Complex socio-ecological systems present challenges and opportunities that can best be met with a systematic framework for designing, planning, steering, and monitoring FLR projects to
9 May 2019

On the need to consider wood formation processes in global vegetation models and a suggested approach

Dynamic global vegetation models are key tools for interpreting and forecasting the responses of terrestrial ecosystems to climatic variation and other drivers. They estimate plant growth as the outcome of the supply of carbon through photosynthesis. However,
7 May 2019

Forest adaptation to climate change—is non-management an option?

Climate change is posing a considerable challenge to foresters. The intensity of required adaptive measures and the relevance of old-growth forests as benchmark for managed forests are debated. Forest managers need to make decisions on stand treatment
23 Dec 2018

The recurrent evolution of extremely resistant xylem

Highly resistant xylem has evolved multiple times over the past 400 million years. Scott A M MacAdam & Amanda A Cardoso Water is transported under tension in xylem and consequently is vulnerable to invasion by air and
9 Jul 2017


The dataset provides an exhaustive tree inventory with forest mensuration and spatial location carried out in 54 plots sampled in 45- to 55-year-old black pine plantations, located in two areas of Tuscany (central Italy). Forest mensuration includes