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29 Oct 2020

Victims or perpetrators: contribution and response of insects to forest diebacks and declines

Key message Unprecedented forest declines and diebacks are expected worldwide in response to global change. Insects can trigger or contribute to these disturbances, which can in turn have either beneficial or detrimental retroactive cascading effects on insect
23 Dec 2018

The recurrent evolution of extremely resistant xylem

Highly resistant xylem has evolved multiple times over the past 400 million years. Scott A M MacAdam & Amanda A Cardoso Water is transported under tension in xylem and consequently is vulnerable to invasion by air and
25 Aug 2015

Monitoring European forests: results for science, policy, and society

Forest inventories have been carried out in Europe for centuries with the view to secure the wood supply. The first forest surveys based on probabilistic sampling design started in the early 1920s with the aim to provide
21 Jul 2015

MeMoWood 2013. Wood properties: future needs, measurement and modelling.

By Francis COLIN, Marie Pierre LABORIE & Mathieu FORTIN 1 Challenges regarding wood Wood products differ from other manufactured products by the fact that they originate from raw material developed in forest trees, according to complex biological
24 Apr 2015

Volume 72, Issue 3, May 2015

      Thematic Issue Letter to the Editor Climate change and tree responses in Central European forests  T. Wohlgemuth Pages 285-287 See article content on this blog Original Papers Developing predictive models of wind damage in
2 Apr 2015

Central European forests under climate change

Key message : The special issue reports on the successful ClimTree 2013 conference held in Zurich (Switzerland) and gives view on the diversity of both current and projected climate change impacts in forest structures, communities or individual
21 Mar 2015

An overview of existing and promising technologies for national forest monitoring

The main goal of national forest programs is to lead and steer forest policy development and implementation processes in an inter-sectoral way (FAO 2006). National forest monitoring systems contribute to forest programs through monitoring forest changes and
21 Mar 2015

Overcoming obstacles to sharing data on tree allometric equations

Advances in ecology face the complexity of ecosystems with dynamics longer than a single scientist’s career. In forestry and REDD+ practice, in particular, our ability to understand forest ecosystem dynamics and to manage them for mitigation and
5 Aug 2014


Nathalie BRÉDA, Marianne PEIFFER INRA, UMR 1137 Écologie et Écophysiologie Forestières, 54280 Champenoux, France Université de Lorraine, UMR 1137 Écologie et Écophysiologie Forestières, BP 239, F-54506 Vandœuvre-les-Nancy, France
30 Jul 2014

Desirable properties of wood for sustainable development in the twenty-first century

Kenneth E SKOG, Theodor H WEGNER, Ted BILEK, Charles H. MICHLER USDA Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory, Madison, WI, 53726, USA;  USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station, West Lafayette, IN, 47907, USA Key message: Meeting human needs