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7 Feb 2023

Annals of Forest Science promotes multidisciplinary research devoted to forests and wood in a changing world

Key message The year 2022 was a time of great changes in Annals of Forest Science. We moved from a hybrid to a full Open Access publication model with BMC-Springer. This means that our authors are full
6 Feb 2023

Forest adaptation and restoration under global change

Key message Along with the preservation of intact forest landscapes, forest adaptation and restoration are needed to prevent the continued global loss of ecosystem services and biodiversity, so that forest landscapes can meet the ecological, economic, and
2 Feb 2023

Infestation of pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) seedlings with the pinewood nematode Bursaphelenchus xylophilus Steiner and Buhrer (Nickle) through wood sawdust

Key message There are various pathways for infesting pine trees with the pinewood nematode (PWN), Bursaphelenchus xylophilus. As a result of the experiment, we determined that sawdust infested with the nematode can pose a phytosanitary risk. Nematodes
31 Jan 2023

Effect of logging residue removal and mechanical site preparation on productivity of the subsequent Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) stands

Key message Removal of logging residue negatively affected tree diameter and height, but had no significant effect on the basal area of the subsequent stand (in the mid-term). On the other hand, different methods of mechanical site
30 Jan 2023

Black spruce (Picea mariana) seed availability and viability in boreal forests after large wildfires

Key message Black spruce (Picea mariana (Mill.) B.S.P.) has historically self-replaced following wildfire, but recent evidence suggests that this is changing. One factor could be negative impacts of intensifying fire activity on black spruce seed rain. We
23 Jan 2023

Linking structure and species richness to support forest biodiversity monitoring at large scales

Key message Authors have analyzed the possible correlation between measurements/indicators of forest structure and species richness of many taxonomic or functional groups over three regions of Germany. Results show the potential to use structural attributes as a
10 Jan 2023

An analysis of stand-level size distributions of decay-affected Norway spruce trees based on harvester data

Key message We studied size distributions of decay-affected Norway spruce trees using cut-to-length harvester data. The harvester data comprised tree-level decay and decay severity recordings from 101 final felling stands, which enabled to analyze relationships between size
9 Jan 2023

Inheritance of wood properties and their radial variations in full-sib families of 36-year-old Japanese larch (Larix kaempferi (Lamb.) Carr.)

Key message Larger differences of maximum load among families were found in mature wood compared to juvenile wood, suggesting the possibility of improving mature wood with higher resistance to rupture and maintaining characteristics of material in Larix
9 Jan 2023

Dendrometric data from the silvicultural scenarios developed by Office National des Forêts (ONF) in France: a tool for applied research and carbon storage estimates

Key message We provide a database of 52 silvicultural scenarios recommended in French public forests including relevant dendrometric variables and metrics for carbon accounting. The dataset is available at Associated metadata are available at Special
6 Jan 2023

Interpolated daily temperature and precipitation data for Level II ICP Forests plots in Germany

Key message A harmonized, comprehensive meteorological time series for 78 German intensive forest monitoring plots (Level II) has been made available from 1961 to 2019. The used hybrid spatial interpolation routine using simple linear regression and inverse