Volume 72, Issue 3, May 2015





Thematic Issue

Letter to the Editor

Climate change and tree responses in Central European forests

 T. Wohlgemuth Pages 285-287
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Original Papers

Developing predictive models of wind damage in Austrian forests

 Ferenc Pasztor, Christoph Matulla, Maja Zuvela-Aloise… Pages 289-301

Drought resistance of Pinus sylvestris seedlings conferred by plastic root architecture rather than ectomycorrhizal colonisation

 Barbara Moser, Tabea Kipfer, Sarah Richter, Simon Egli… Pages 303-309

Response of Swiss forests to management and climate change in the last 60 years

 Meinrad Küchler, Helen Küchler, Angéline Bedolla… Pages 311-320

An improved species distribution model for Scots pine and downy oak under future climate change in the NW Italian Alps

 Giorgio Vacchiano, Renzo Motta Pages 321-334

Forest conversion can help to mitigate impacts of climate change on common forest birds

Thomas K. Gottschalk, Tobias E. Reiners Pages 335-348


Regular Issue

Original Papers

Volatile terpenoids and tropolones in heartwood extracts of yellow-cedar, Monterey cypress, and their hybrid Leyland cypress

Rick G. Kelsey, M. P. González-Hernández, Joe Karchesy… Pages 349-355

Factors affecting log traits and green rotary-peeled veneer recovery from temperate eucalypt plantations

Matthew G. Hamilton, David P. Blackburn, Robert L. McGavin… Pages 357-365

Decreasing deer browsing pressure influenced understory vegetation dynamics over 30 years

Vincent Boulanger, Christophe Baltzinger, Sonia Saïd… Pages 367-378

Do competition-density rule and self-thinning rule agree?

Sonja Vospernik, Hubert Sterba Pages 379-390

Pattern of genotype by environment interaction for radiata pine in southern Australia

Miloš Ivković, Washington Gapare, Huixiao Yang… Pages 391-401

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