Live fuel moisture content time series in Catalonia since 1998

Key message

We present a structured and curated database covering 21 years of LFMC measurements in the Catalan region, along with an associated R package to manage updates and facilitate quality processing and visualisation. The data set provides valuable information to study plant responses to drought and improve fire danger prediction. Dataset access is at, and associated metadata are available at

Mediterranean shrublands; Fire danger; Fuel moisture database

Gabriel, E., Delgado-Dávila, R., De Cáceres, M. et al. Live fuel moisture content time series in Catalonia since 1998. Annals of Forest Science 78, 44 (2021).

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Data availability

A public version of the database and associated R package is available through Zenodo (Gabriel et al. 2021, and includes data for attributes FreshMass, DryMass, LFMC, and quality flags. Associated metadata are available at Development versions of the package are available in a GitHub repository ( Access to PhenologyCode, DryStem, DryLeaf, and LeafStemRatio attributes of the LFMC data table, as well as data from tables PHENOLOGY, SOIL_MEASUREMENTS, and TDR_SENSOR, will be made publicly available in a near future.

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Marianne Peiffer

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