Professor Maurizio Mencuccini joins Annals of Forest Science as a new associate editor

We are pleased to welcome Professor Maurizio Mencuccini to the Associate Editorial Board of Annals of Forest Science.

Maurizio Mencuccini is ICREA Research Professor at CREAF (Barcelona, Spain). He is also Honorary Professor of Forest Science at the University of Edinburgh (UK), where he previously worked for many years.

During his career, he has been visiting scientist at Cornell University (USA) at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain), a visiting Distinguished Scientist at CSIRO (Australia) and visiting Eminent Scholar at University of Western Sydney (Australia).

He has published >220 papers in peer-reviewed journals, of which more than 150 in first quartile (Q1) journals. More than 40 of his articles have over 100 citations. His current H-index in 2020 is ~63. His publications have a total number of citations >17,000 (Google Scholar Feb 21). He has supervised 23 PhD, of whom 6 in the last 5 years and 4 currently ongoing.

Maurizio Mencuccini works at the frontier between forestry, physiological ecology and global change science. He recently focussed on improving our understanding of the water relations of trees and of the impacts of droughts on the physiology of trees and forests across a range of biomes. Previously, he explored the significance of nitrogen deposition for the carbon cycle of boreal and temperate trees. He has worked closely in the past with the British forestry sector, on a range of themes, including the regional modelling of growth and carbon sequestration of forest stands using a combination of process-based modelling, Bayesian data assimilation and LiDaR remote sensing.

Welcome !

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