Dr. Thomas Cordonnier joins Annals of Forest Science as a new associate editor

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Thomas Cordonnier to the Associate Editorial Board of Annals of Forest Science.

Thomas Cordonnier, Forest Engineer (2000), holds a PhD in Forest Science (2004, AgroParisTech, France). He is currently a researcher at INRAE, LESSEM research unit (Grenoble, France).

For five years, he served as an associate researcher at the French Forest Service (ONF; an organization managing public forests), developing tools for silviculture (beech, mixed forests), experimentation and biodiversity preservation. In particular, he participated in the development of the protocol for the assessment of regeneration in public uneven-aged forests. From this rich period, he keeps a strong interest in developing collaborations between researchers and forest managers, and in contributing to the development of concepts and methods related to adaptive management and multifunctionality of forests.

He is currently chairman of the Scientific Interest Group Cooperative for data on forest tree and stand growth in France (GIS Coop), which aims to build networks of forestry trials and to collect data to analyse and model the growth of trees and forest stands. GIS Coop brings together scientists and forest managers.

Presently, his main research focus is on the frontiers of ecology and forest management. His work examines the effect of structural complexity on ecological functions and ecosystem services and his main expertise is in silviculture, forest modelling and ecological theory (e.g. coexistence theory, disturbance theory).
He has participated and participates in several European projects as WP leader or task leader (FP7 ARANGE, EraNet REFORCE, EraNet IMAESTRO, H2020 RESONATE) and has coordinated a French ANR project (FORGECO).

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