Dr. Leonie Schönbeck joins Annals of Forest Science as a new associate editor

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Leonie Schönbeck to the Associate Editorial Board of Annals of Forest Science.

Dr. Leonie Schönbeck is an ecophysiologist focusing on plant responses to long- and short-term environmental stresses. Her speciality lies in tree carbon and nutrient dynamics and hydraulics as affected by soil drought and nutrient availability, and atmospheric evaporative demand.

After finishing her Master’s program Biology at Wageningen University, the Netherlands, she carried out her PhD at the Swiss Federal institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape research WSL, Switzerland and at the University of Basel. There, she studied the carbon and nutrient dynamics in Scots pine during drought-induced mortality.

Currently she is a researcher at the Plant Ecology Research Lab at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), where she studies the individual roles of temperature and evaporative demand (VPD) affecting plant carbon and water responses. She combines in situ measurements of gas exchange (carbon, water) with hydraulics measurements, laboratory chemical analyses of carbon and nutrient in plant tissues, and stable isotope labeling techniques to generate a holistic understanding of plant functioning and survival in a changing world. Moreover, she values the combination of controlled experiments on the one hand, and (observational) studies in natural areas on the other. Lastly, her interest goes towards integrating spatial small scale processes into a bigger scope – may it be cell structural characteristics to explain leaf drought tolerance or within-plant carbon allocation to explain plant survival.

In the past years, she has had the pleasure to spend time as visiting scientist and to collaborate with researchers at the Wageningen University, the Netherlands; Universidad Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM); Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico USA; INRAE in Nancy and Aix-en-Provence, France; and the University of California Riverside, USA.

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