Rasoul Yousefpour: from Guest to Associate Editor for Annals of Forest Science

Rasoul Yousefpour holds a PhD in Forestry under Climate Change (2009) and is Assistant Professor (since 2015) at the Chair of Forestry Economics and Forest Planning, University of Freiburg, Germany.

His research focus is on forest climate interactions and implications for forest management decisions. He uses econometric tools to improve cost-efficiency of adaptive forest management and develops simulation-optimization models to study ecologic effectivness and economic efficiency of different strategies.

His recent research activities include:

  • Realization of Climate Smart Forestry in Europe,
  • Integration of dynamic management modules the process of forest decision-making,
  • Analysis of risks and uncertainties and contributions for the final decision,
  • Carbon economy in forest wood production system, and
  • Behavioral aspect of forest decisions.

Moreover, he is openning a new area of research (in forestry economic) on insurance value of ecosystems and how forests conservation programs may become more sucessfull.

Besides, he is the coordinator of IUFRO Working Group 4.04.07 “Risk Analysis” and Guest Editor for the topical collection (virtual special issue) “Risk Analysis” published by Annals of Forest Science.




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