Publishing data papers in Annals of Forest Science: detailed guidelines for a smooth preparation and submission


Annals of Forest Science is proud to announce that a detailed procedure is now available for submitting data papers. The procedure we propose is easy and flexible. It is described in details in the flyer above.

Basically, if you intend to submit a data paper, please make sure that the data set is available in a specific repository (any repository that fits your criteria) and is identified with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI). You need :

(i) to prepare a metadata file providing a clear description of the data set (a template is available with this link to prepare it);

(ii) to write a short, descriptive manuscript to describe it. To help you prepare the manuscript, we also provide templates that do guide you to allow smooth writing and organisation of the content of the paper (

You then submit the manuscript and the metadata file to Annals of Forest Science via Editorial Manager ( The manuscript will be handled by an associate editor.

For further help and information, please contact Marianne Peiffer (

Publishing accurate and timely data papers and providing interesting, shared and reusable data is an important step towards open science. The data paper will contribute to your recognition as contributor to ongoing science given that large scale data sets are an invaluable contribution to science.

The editorial board of Annals of Forest Science.

Champenoux, November 20, 2015.

The flyer was prepared by Marianne Peiffer and Yves Bernardi.

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