15 Sep 2021

Modeling the forest dynamics of the Sierra Nevada under climate change using SORTIE-ND

Key message Model simulation results suggest that forests in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California will tend to increase in density and basal area in the absence of fire over the next century, and that climate change
15 Sep 2021

Reduction of growth stresses in logs of Hieronyma alchorneoides Allemão from fast-growth plantations using steaming and heating: effects on the quality of lumber

Key message Growth stresses are usually present in the fast-growing trees of forest plantations and can be evaluated along stem diameter. Growth stresses are relaxed after tree felling and during sawing and drying, and are manifested in
15 Sep 2021

Early effects of two planting densities on growth dynamics and water-use efficiency in Robinia pseudoacacia (L.) and Populus deltoides (Bartr. ex Marsh.) × P. nigra (L.) short rotation plantations

Key message Black locust is an interesting option for biomass production at sites prone to water shortage because the species combines water-use efficiency and a biomass yield largely superior to that of poplars under the conditions of
15 Sep 2021

Characterization of stem volume and form tradeoffs in a northern red oak (Quercus rubra) breeding population in early stages of selection

Key message Quercus rubra half sib progenies (N = 93) expressed high levels of variance for both growth and stem form traits in three locations in Indiana, USA at age 11 or 12. Height, diameter, and volume were measured
15 Sep 2021

Effect of root and butt rot uncertainty on optimal harvest schedules and expected incomes at the stand level

Key message Root and rot (RBR) caused by Heterobasidion parviporum Niemelä & Korhonen and Heterobasidion annosum (Fr.) Bref. damages Fennoscandian spruce stands. In case the rot infection and its severity are unknown, the mere risk of infection
14 Sep 2021

Phenotypic integration approaches predict a decrease of reproduction rates of Caribbean pine populations in dry tropical areas

Key message The combination of structural equation modelling and linear mixed-effects models opens a new perspective to investigate trait adaptation syndromes through phenotypic integration prediction at large geographical scales, a necessary step to understand the future of
14 Sep 2021

Magnitude and timing of density reduction are key for the resilience to severe drought in conifer-broadleaf mixed forests in Central Europe

Key message We applied a modified forest gap model (ForClim) to depict changes in stand water transpiration via density reduction as a forest adaptation strategy. This approach is the key to analyzing the ecological resilience to drought,
1 Sep 2021

A new approach to maximize the wood production in the sustainable management of Amazon forest

Key message We presented a method to determine the optimal wood production in Amazon forest. The database that feeds the procedure is faster to obtain when compared to other methods. The simulations resulted in higher wood volume
1 Sep 2021

Phenolic composition of leaf and flower extracts of black cherry (Prunus serotina Ehrh.)

Key message The best yields in the extraction of hydroxycinnamic acids, flavanols and total phenolics from black cherry flowers were obtained with 40% ethanol and the poorest with water. A 30% higher content of total phenolics was
30 Jul 2021

Using electrical resistivity tomography to detect wetwood and estimate moisture content in silver fir (Abies alba Mill.)

Key message Using several experimental approaches, we have demonstrated that electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) is a reliable nondestructive tool for estimating the moisture content of heartwood in situ. ERT measurements show that water pockets in heartwood (wetwood)