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7 Jan 2017

SECOND CALL FOR ABSTRACTS for a special issue “CAQSIS” in Annals of Forest Science

By Céline Méredieu, Francis Colin & François de Coligny, moderators of the CAQSIS network, Inra and CIRAD. During the last CAQSIS meeting in Montpellier (November 2016) we told the participants we would propose to the editors of
23 Oct 2016

A further step towards Open Data in Annals of Forest Science

Annals of Forest Science, owned  by Inra and published by Springer-Nature, actively develops since several years open access to publications (see our blog post on this topic) and advocates the publication of data papers (information available here).
13 Oct 2016

Importance of tree basic density in biomass estimation and associated uncertainties: a case of three mangrove species in Tanzania

Aboveground and belowground tree basic densities varied between and within the three mangrove species. If appropriately determined and applied, basic density may be useful in estimation of tree biomass. Predictive accuracy of the common (i.e. multi-species) models
3 Sep 2016

A new approach to prediction of the age-age correlation for use in tree breeding

Early selection in tree breeding requires a credible age-age correlation. Modelling height growth in provenance and progeny trials, we can predict age-age correlations suitable for use in operational breeding as described in this article. Abstract Tree breeding
18 Jun 2016

Overview of methods and tools for evaluating future woody biomass availability in European countries

This analysis of the tools and methods currently in use for reporting woody biomass availability in 21 European countries has shown that most countries use, or are developing, National Forest Inventory-oriented models whereas the others use standwise
18 Apr 2016

The impact of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) pesticide policy on the management of leaf-cutting ants and termites in certified forests in Brazil

Letter to the Editor The recommendations accompanying pesticide derogations from the FSC are not efficient for the management of leaf-cutting ants and termites in certified forest plantations in Brazil compared with chemical control using insecticides. FSC recommendations
17 Apr 2016

Understory fine roots are more ephemeral than those of trees in subtropical Chinese fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata (Lamb.) Hook) stands

We tested the life span of fine roots of Chinese fir trees and understory plants in two stands in subtropical China. Fine roots from understory plants were much more ephemeral than those from trees. The life span
25 Nov 2015

Provenance and seed mass determine seed tolerance to high temperatures associated to forest fires in Pinus pinaster

We show that Pinus pinaster provenance affects both seed germination and seedling recruitment after fire. This information is crucial for managers to select the best seed-provisioning populations when implementing reforestation programs to assist the natural post-fire regeneration
21 Sep 2015

Integrating risk preferences in forest harvest scheduling

Through a stochastic programming framework, risk preferences can be included in forest planning. The value of utilizing stochastic programming is always positive; however, the value depends on the information quality and risk preferences of the decision maker.
15 May 2015

“50 years Annals of Forest Science”: Temperate and boreal forest tree phenology: from organ-scale processes to terrestrial ecosystem models

We demonstrate that, beyond leaf phenology, the phenological cycles of wood and fine roots present clear responses to environmental drivers in temperate and boreal trees. These drivers should be included in terrestrial ecosystem models. Abstract In temperate