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9 Nov 2018

Science needs management data for a better prediction of climate change effects on socio-ecosystems.

Recent articles show that climate-change science lacks multi-scale ecosystem demographics and dynamics data to test, improve and validate its models and recommendations. This is a major drawback, one that leads to skepticism from managers, policy makers and
15 Aug 2016

Publication ethics: Annals of Forest Science will strongly struggle against sloppy science

This blog post is for use by editors, reviewers and authors of Annals of Forest Science. It might be of use also for any other journal or scientist. Please feel free to comment and complement it: the
15 Aug 2016

Annals of Forest Science contributes to the development of open science and open data

Erwin DREYER Inra, Centre de Nancy Lorraine, Chief Editor of Annals of Forest Science http://orcid.org/0000-0003-4999-5072; dreyer(at)nancy.inra.fr Open science, a long discussed option for enhancing the impact of scientific research for the scientific community, but also for the
28 Feb 2016

“Did Europe’s forest management mitigate climate warming?” We believe it probably did….

Comments to the paper by Naudts et al., Science, February 2016: “Europe’s forest management did not mitigate climate warming” Jean-François Dhôte (biometrician, Inra), Sylvain Caurla (economist, Inra), Christine Deleuze (biometrician, ONF), Erwin Dreyer & Jean-Marc Guehl (ecophysiologists, Inra),
20 Feb 2016

Editorial: 50 years Annals of Forest Science

Annals of Forest Science is publishing a series of review papers to celebrate 50 years of activities as a journal in forest and wood science. The reviews emphasize the extent to which forest and wood sciences changed and
1 Nov 2014

Open data: A role for publishers…. or for journal editors?

Comment on the paper by Jennifer Lin and Carly Strasser, Plos Biology, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pbio.1001975: Recommendations for the Role of Publishers in Access to Data The paper by Lin and Strasser addresses a very important point. Institutions and