Annals of Forest Science wishes you a happy new year 2017

Annals of Forest Science wishes you a happy and productive year 20176. This new year will see further innovations improve our journal and enhance the service to our authors and readers.

Annals of Forest Science continued its development;¬† during 2016 we published a number of data papers, the topical issue “50 years of Annals of Forest Science”, and many interesting papers.

Annals of Forest Science will continue the work started with Springer-Nature during the 3 next years. This will allow us a sound financial status (through the contributions from our subscribers) but will also help us develop a green open access policy, as all our papers will be available on the international repository HAL after 12 months embargo and the authors are allowed to deposit the preprints in institutional  repositories of their choice (like ProdInra2 for Inra). This hybrid model has several advantages for the authors and for the readers.

The start of 2017 will be marked by two major change in our editorial process:

  1. our papers will be produced and published on the basis of a continuous publication scheme. This means they will be assigned to an issue and immediatly published in this issue, without staying for several months in the purgatory of the e-only manuscripts;
  2. we will follow type 3 policy for data sharing (for details, see our blog post about Open data in Annals of Forest Science. This means that we will strongly advocate that authors deposit their  data on public repositories whenever possible.

Annals of Forest Science promotes an innovative science editing!

With best wishes for this new year.

The editors.

Birmanie, 2016:

Myanmar 2016: Sunset at Bagan

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