Celebrating 50 years of Annals of Forest Science – free access to the Special Issue till Septembre 30

Cover AFS_May11Annals of Forest Science is proud to present a series of review papers published in a special issue to celebrate its 50th anniversary. These papers were written by prominent scientists in the fields of tree biology, forest ecology, and forest products including goods and services. They convey their personal view on the developments of their research areas and a comprehensive analysis of the challenges in their field.

An invitation to read the latest special issue:
50 Years Annals of Forest Science

Complimentary access through September 30, 2016

Moving towards ‘Open Science’, Annals of Forest Science is now introducing a specific section on data papers. Data papers aim at describing a dataset made accessible to a larger community. A data paper is completed by a metadata file that describes the dataset, and by the dataset itself being offered in an open repository. Please find further information here.

In order to ensure the quickest publication and citation possible for its authors, Annals of Forest Science will change for a continuous article publishing procedure as of January 2017. Once accepted and ready for publication, papers will be directly published in an issue. This will simplify paper processing and indexing.

Publish with impact – Your paper is welcome.

NEW SERVICE: Authors may submit their manuscripts either on the Editorial Manager platform or via Peerage of Science. If you submit via Editorial Manager, the manuscript will undergo an internal double-blind review (i.e., the reviewer does not have access to the name of the authors and the authors do not have access to the names of the reviewers); if you submit via Peerage of Science, the manuscript will undergo an open review procedure, meaning the reviews may be visible to a larger community and are rated, before being considered for publication in Annals of Forest Science.

Submit your article via Editorial Manager

Submit your article via Peerage of Science

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