Tree stumps — an important but undervalued dead wood pool

Key message

Dead wood in forests is an important resource due to its role for nutrient cycles, carbon budgets, and biodiversity, among other. While standing and downed dead wood are typically monitored in National Forest Inventories (NFI), stumps have not received comparable attention. Based on the detailed stump inventory in the current Swiss NFI, this study demonstrates the important contribution of stumps to the dead wood pool.

Volume; Biomass; Carbon; Biodiversity; Protection forest; National Forest Inventory; Harvest

Didion, M., Abegg, M. Tree stumps — an important but undervalued dead wood pool. Annals of Forest Science 79, 34 (2022).

Data and/or Code availability
The datasets generated during and/or analyzed during the current study are available from the corresponding author on reasonable request and are available at

Handling Editor
Jean-Michel Leban

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