Monthly Archive:: April 2021

12 Apr 2021

Low effective population size and high spatial genetic structure of black poplar populations from the Oder valley in Poland

Key message The genetic resources of black poplar in the Oder River valley are still substantial compared to those reported for rivers in Western Europe. On the other hand, clear signals of isolation by distance and genetic
9 Apr 2021

Cold and heat tolerances of hybrids for restoration of the endangered Juglans cinerea L

Key message Hybrids had overall intermediate cold and heat tolerances compared to their progenitors, Juglans cinerea and Juglans ailantifolia. Differences in hybrids were small compared to J. cinerea though, indicating that when considering extreme temperature tolerances, hybrids
9 Apr 2021

Genetic relationships between terminal shoot length, number of flushes and height in a 4-year-old progeny test of Pinus brutia Ten.

Key message In this study, genetic variation in polycyclic growth was investigated in a young Pinus brutia Ten. study in Turkey. The number of flushes was partially under additive genetic control and was moderately correlated with the
8 Apr 2021

Leaf litter decomposition of deciduous Quercus acutissima Carruth. and evergreen Quercus glauca Thunb. in an inter-site experiment in three contrasting temperate forest stands in South Korea

Key message Local climate exerted a stronger effect on leaf litter decomposition of deciduous Quercus acutissima Carruth. and evergreen Quercus glauca Thunb. than initial leaf litter quality: the decomposition was much faster for leaves of the two
8 Apr 2021

Assessing spatial and temporal dynamics of a spruce budworm outbreak across the complex forested landscape of Maine, USA

Key message Simulated spruce budworm (SBW; Choristoneura fumiferana (Clem.)) defoliation generally becomes ubiquitous in 3 years after its initiation in agreement with historical observations despite varying environmental and stand conditions over large ranges. Current-year defoliation has almost
8 Apr 2021

An innovative and automated method for characterizing wood defects on trunk surfaces using high-density 3D terrestrial LiDAR data

Key message We designed a novel method allowing to automatically detect and measure defects on the surface of trunks including branches, branch scars, and epicormics from terrestrial LiDAR data by using only high-density 3D information. We could
1 Apr 2021

Direct analysis in real-time (DART) time-of-flight mass spectrometry (TOFMS) of wood reveals distinct chemical signatures of two species of Afzelia

Key message Distinct chemical fingerprints of the wood of Afzelia pachyloba and A. bipindensis demonstrated an effective method for identifying these two commercially important species. Direct analysis in real-time (DART) time-of-flight mass spectrometry (TOFMS) allowed high-throughput examination