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There are several ways to share a published article with your network.

The well-known options are Email, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn but until now, only subscribers could access the full content of the article.

SharedIt, an initative by Springer Nature, allows subscribers to share a link to a read-only full-text version of the article. Subscribers get a Shareable link on the Springer website, under the Share article tab on the right of the article page. The link can be posted legally anywhere – including on social media platforms, author websites and in institutional repositories. Everyone, including non-subscribers, can then share the link in his turn. The link provides an access to a readable pdf version of the article, with no possibility of printing or downloading it.

Annals of Forest Science will now post on Twitter and on this blog the SharedIt links of the latest articles for readers to view the content. Moreover, the full pdf version of the paper will be made freely available with no restriction of use after 12 months embargo, as was already the case over the last years. For us, this is a further step towards green open access.

To learn more about SharedIt, visit or watch

We are looking forward to reading your (positive or negative) comments on this topic in the forum below.

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