International Workshop on Forest Science Publishing, 14-16 October 2015, Helsinki


IUFRO Working Party 9.01.06 on Forest Science Publishing, 14-16 October 2015, Helsinki, Finland

The International Workshop on Forest Science Publishing will be the first activity of the new Working Party of IUFRO (International Union of Forest Research Organisations). The initiative to establish the Working Party was made in the IUFRO World Congress in Salt Lake City, USA, in October 2014. The aim of the working party is to provide a forum for discussions, training, exchange of ideas, and development of editorial practices of journals dealing with forests, wood science, and related research.

Editors of scientific journals are typically scientists who have been selected for the editorial responsibilities without having had much training on the main issues underlying scientific publishing. Publishing scientific articles differs from publishing other material in the need for strict control, mostly implemented by peer review, to maintain scientific quality and integrity. In addition to the scientific community, scientific knowledge should also be efficiently disseminated to disparate target audiences, e.g., policy makers, industry practitioners, and on-the-ground foresters. With the advent of on-line publishing and novel electronic media, the growing demand for open access publications, and the emergence of new ethical issues in publishing, the scientific publishing field is undergoing profound changes and confronting new expectations. The Working Party and its first meeting are expected to be of special interest to the editors and editorial board members of peer-reviewed forest science journals for discussing these and other timely issues on scientific publishing. However, we will also organise a half-day session open to the wider forest and environmental science community in Finland, especially young scientists. In this session, the editors gathered to the meeting will give talks on the most important issues of the scientific publication process.

The first meeting of the IUFRO Working Party 9.01.06 in Helsinki in October 2015 will be hosted by the Finnish Society of Forest Science, the publisher of Silva Fennica.

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