Advancing forest inventorying and monitoring

Key message

Evolving societal demands and accelerated ecological dynamics due to global change are rapidly altering forest ecosystems and their services. This has prompted the need for advancing forest inventorying and monitoring initatives to expand their scope, improve data collection, foster scientific understanding, and better inform policy responses. Here, we discuss the collaborative processes followed to develop an Advanced Inventorying and Monitoring (AIM) system for Swiss forests. Further, we provide the key messages that emerged from this process which can be of interest to those involved in similar processes at the national/international level.

Forest biodiversity; Global forest change; Integrated monitoring; Participatory design; Sampling and plot design; Switzerland; Terrestrial and remote monitoring

Ferretti, M., Fischer, C., Gessler, A. et al. Advancing forest inventorying and monitoring. Annals of Forest Science 81, 6 (2024).

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Data and/or Code availability
The datasets used and/or analyzed during the current study are available from the corresponding author on reasonable request.

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Erwin Dreyer

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