Monthly Archive:: July 2019

9 Jul 2019

Maps of current semi-natural forest ecosystem types of Germany and the Kellerwald National Park (Hesse, Germany)

A spatial explicit approach coping with potential modifications in ecological structures and functions of forests due to climate change and atmospheric deposition was developed for Germany (Jenssen et al. 2013; Schröder et al. in Sci Total Environ
8 Jul 2019

Assessing the scaling of the tree branch diameters frequency distribution with terrestrial laser scanning: methodological framework and issues

This article presents a specific methodology for assessing the scaling of the frequency distribution of the branch diameters within a tree from terrestrial laser scanning (TLS), using large oak trees ( Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl.) as the
5 Jul 2019

Comparing local calibration using random effects estimation and Bayesian calibrations: a case study with a mixed effect stem profile model

Local site-level calibration of allometric models was scrutinized. Two Bayesian calibration methods were compared to local random effects estimations. The Bayesian calibration methods proved more effective than local estimation of random effects in reducing prediction bias. The
4 Jul 2019

Biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationships of overstorey versus understorey trees in an old-growth temperate forest

The results of this study, based on a large dataset with mapped tree locations, suggest that the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning (BEF) is different between the over- and understorey in the investigated forest community. Neither
3 Jul 2019

Host susceptibility to Gonipterus platensis (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) of Eucalyptus species

Gonipterus platensis is an important insect pest of eucalypt plantations. Despite biological control by the egg parasitoid Anaphes nitens, economic losses remain high in several areas outside its native range where susceptible eucalypt species are grown in